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Serie: Dilbert
Name: Dilbert
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Creator: Scott Adams
First: The Name
Portrayer: Daniel Stern Dilbert (TV Serie)
Laurence Dylan "Dilbert" is the main character of the Dilbert comic strip and TV series. An engineer working as part of a cliche cubicle workforce in a fictional company, he is frequently finding himself in bizarre situations normally aggravated by the presence of his co-workers. Although he seems to always aspire to make the company and its products better, ultimately most days wind up simply requiring his full attention in order to make it through the day. Oftentimes he is tasked with projects and as we enter the scene, he's either hit a road block or is about to present the findings to one of the frequent but fruitless meetings.

He treats the Pointy-Haired Boss like a sickness and he can often predict exactly how and when the boss will doom the current assignment. Dilbert loves computers and technology, and will spend much of his free time playing with such things. He sometimes has dates, but they all go wrong because he is boring, unattractive, and honest about the woman he is dating (they are always bad in his opinion). He has almost no sense of company loyalty, which the company doesn't deserve anyway. His ideas are almost always sensible, and sometimes even revolutionary, but they are rarely carried out because of his lack of power. In the television series, he is on considerably better terms with his co-workers and even the boss and noticabley more polite. He is also much more loyal to Path E Tech Management.

Relationships Edit

Liz Edit

Liz was Dilbert's girlfriend from 1994-1996.


Dilbert works under the "management" of his Pointy-Haired Boss. His co-workers include:

Other people around the workplace include:

Home lifeEdit

Dilbert lives with his dog, Dogbert, a rat named Ratbert and Bob and Dawn, the dinosaurs.

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