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Elbonia is an impoverished eastern European country in the Dilbert universe. In the comic strip, and originally in the TV show, its major commerce was mud. In the comic strip there are also mentions of a currency called the Eye-Crud.


Elbonia is ruled by presidential dictatorship in South Elbonia and their banned Communism caused it to be split in two, North Elbonia and South Elbonia.


Their economic system is bad because they live in the fourth world and had a GDP of 5-20 USD until 2000. That was when it changed into third and a half world country through help from a worker from United States of America. Since 2000 their economy has grown a little bit and they now make banknotes (dollars) for the U.S. government.

Culture and demographicsEdit

Mainly all Elbonians live in mud as their culture, housing, etc. again until 2000.

Elbonians in general are prejudiced against left handed Elbonians. Since 2000, right hand Elbonians forgave left hand Elbonians.


All Elbonians used to be atheists until a group of people from the U.S. brought Christianity to Elbonia. In the comic strip there are also references to the deity "Doug" and some Elbonians even believe that Dogbert is Doug.

Elbonians have a god of overly warm weather and twice baked potatoes. He is offended by various things that people do, and the normal punishment handed out is to be strangled by a mud adder.


Elbonians are rated the lowest in the world for education with a 3-4% literacy rate.

Fauna and floraEdit

Most of the nation's flora is covered with waist-deep mud. On the other hand, the animals of Elbonia include the mud weasel and the Mud Adder.

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