"Our Missile Program is the pride of Elbonia!"
―An unmanned Elbonian Army representative

The Elbonian Missile Program was a division of the Elbonian Army tasked with creating missiles that could be used to threaten the other Elbonian Countries.


The purpose of the missile program was to develop missiles capable of defending the country. At least some were intercontinental. [1]


Early Foundations

It began when Dogbert sold the small nation a single nuclear warhead, and they tested it to frighten their enemies in Kneebonia.

Later Tests

By 2012, it appears they had taken what they learned, and used it to build more missiles, although they tested these near orphanages. In July of 2012, Dilbert realized he wished his ashes to be scattered in Outer Space when he died. Dogbert then considered having him strapped to an Elbonian intercontinental missile that was scheduled to be tested the following week.[1]

IMG 4072

An agent attempts to hire Loud Howard and Dilbert to destroy the factories.

The program was shown to be threatening enough that an agent who might not have been working for the U.S. attempted to hire Loud Howard and Dilbert to create a computer virus that threatened the factories that built the missiles.[2]

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