Chronological Comic Strip Collections

Name First Strip Date Last Strip Date
Always Postpone Meetings With Time-Wasting Morons April 16, 1989 October 21, 1990
Shave the Whales
Bring Me the Head of Willy the Mailboy!
It's Obvious You Won't Survive By Your Wits Alone
Still Pumped from Using the Mouse
Fugitive From the Cubicle Police
Casual Day Has Gone Too Far
I'm Not Anti-Business, I'm Anti-Idiot
Journey to Cubeville
Don't Step in the Leadership
Random Acts of Management
Excuse Me While I Wag
When Did Ignorance Become A Point of View?
Another Day In Cubicle Paradise
When Body Language Goes Bad
Words You Don't Want to Hear During Your Annual Performance Review
Don't Stand Where the Comet is Assumed to Strike Oil
The Fluorescent Light Glistens Off Your Head
Thriving on Vague Objectives
Try Rebooting Yourself
Positive Attitude
This is the Part Where You Pretend to Add Value
Freedom's Just Another Word For People Finding Out You're Useless
14 Years of Loyal Service in a Fabric-Covered Box
I'm Tempted to Stop Acting Randomly
How's That Underling Thing Working Out For You?
Teamwork Means You Can't Pick the Side That's Right
Your New Job Title is 'Accomplice'
I Sense a Coldness to Your Mentoring
Go Add Value Somewhere Else
Optimism Sounds Exhausting
I'm no Scientist, but I Think Feng Shui is Part of the Answer
Dilbert Gets Re-Accomodated

Special Comic Strip Collections

Name Topic/Focus
Build a Better Life by Stealing Office Supplies Original strips showing how to handle things in business situations.
Dogbert's Clues for the Clueless Original strips showing "new" rules for politeness and etiquette
Seven Years of Highly Defective People An anniversary collection featuring selected strips by Scott Adams, complete with his notes and annotations
Dilbert Gives You the Business A collection of Scott Adam's handpicked strips, organized by topic.
A Treasure of Sunday Strips: Version 00 A collection of all the Sunday Strips from 1995-1999.
What Do You Call a Sociopath in a Cubicle? Answer: A Co-Worker A collection of strips featuring Dilbert's Co-workers at Path-E-Tech Management.
It's Not Funny if I Have to Explain It A second collection featuring selected strips by Scott Adams, complete with his notes and annotations
What Would Wally Do? A collection of Wally-focused strips.
Cubes and Punishment A collection of comics based on unusual workplace cruelty.
Problem Identified: And You're Probably Not Part of the Solution
Your Accomplishment are Suspiciously Hard to Verify
I Can't Remember if We're Cheap or Smart

Buisness-Related Books

Title Publishing Year
The Dilbert Principle
Dogbert's Top Secret Management Handbook
The Dilbert Future
The Joy of Work
Dilbert and the Way of the Weasel
Slapped Together: The Dilbert Business Anthology

Other Books

Title Publishing Year
Telling it Like it Isn't 1996
You Don't Need Experience if You've Got Attitude 1996
Access Denied: Dilbert's Quest for Love in the Nineties 1996
Conversations with Dogbert 1996
Work is a Contact Sport 1997
The Boss: Nameless, Blameless, and Shameless 1997
The Dilbert Bunch 1997
No You Better Watch Out 1997
Please Don't Feed The Egos 1997
Random Acts of Catness 1998
You Can't Schedule Stupidity 1998
Dilbert Meeting Book Exceeding Tech Limits 1998
Trapped in a Dilbert World - Book of Days 1998
Work -- The Wally Way 1999
Alice in Blunderland 1999
All Dressed Down and Nowhere to Go 2002
Stick to Drawing Comics, Monkey Brain! Cartoonist Ignores Helpful Advice 2007
Dilbert's Guide to the Rest of your Life: Dispatches from Cubicleland 2007
Dilbert Sudoku Comic Digest: 200 Puzzles Plus 50 Classic Dilbert Cartoons 2008
Dilbert 2.0: 20 Years of Dilbert 2008