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Path-E-Tech Management is the company where Dilbert, Dogbert, Wally, Alice, Asok, Tina, the Pointy-Haired Boss, Carol, Loud Howard, Catbert, and many others work. . Its low-level employees are underpaid and work long hours. The company is either based or has offices in a building shown in both the cartoon strips and TV series. \

The management in the company is horrible and the products are awful. Despite all of this, the company has been successful and made lots of money, becoming a multi-billion dollar company. According to the Pointy-Haired Boss, this is because their customers are even dumber than they are.

It is unnamed in the strip but the TV series reveals its name as Path-E-Tech Management, resulting from a merger between Path-Way Electronics and E-Tech Management.(a play on the word "pathetic"), but when Dogbert acquired it later in the episode, there was a "Dogbert Inc." sign being lifted into place. Dogbert is later mentioned as selling the company for "not quite $100 billion".

Despite apparently not paying well, when the employee's homes such as Dilbert's when seen in the television series seem nice. There are seven known divisions: engineering, where Dilbert, Wally, Loud Howard, Alice and Asok work, marketing which tends to be a rival of the engineering groups, human resources, whose only known employees are Catbert and a couple of trolls, Accounting, a sort of hell, and shipping, where all the engineers worked for one day, Information Services, ruled by Mordac the preventer of Information Services, and Procurement, a division that refuses to help employees .

In Ethics, Wally revealed that the company had crime family connections.

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